2013 Albany Rising Stars: Nily Rozic

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Age: 27  |  Position: Assemblywoman

Nily Rozic distinctly remembers social justice being a primary theme of dinner-table conversations with her family. Yet it wasn’t until she attended New York University that she became active in political campaigns and community service.

Nily Rozic became a member of her local community board and sat on the board of her former high school, which eventually led to her working for Manhattan Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh—in a number of different positions, graduating from scheduler to chief of staff. Under Kavanagh, whom Rozic considers a friend and mentor, she learned how to execute community projects and shepherd bills through the legislative process. This gave her the foundational skills necessary for an Assembly run when a seat opened up in her home district.

“I ran for various reasons,” Rozic said. “Part of my motivation was because I believe in representing those who are underrepresented in government, whether it’s first-generation Americans, immigrants—there’s definitely a need for more women in government and politics, and young people. I think that I offered a different perspective, a fresh voice, something that really resonated across my district.”

Since being elected, Rozic has worked to highlight the basic transit needs of her district, and also plans to introduce some environmental legislation before the legislative session is over.

“It’s been very rewarding to work on legislation and projects that bring needed services back to my community and highlight different issues that I care about,” she said.

If you were not working in politics, what would you be doing? “I’d be a matchmaker. I love making connections.”

Five years from now, what will it say on your business card? “It will say ‘Assemblywoman for the 25th Assembly District,’ in different languages.”

If a genie gave you one wish, what would you choose? “No traffic on the [Long Island Expressway] ever.”


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