2013 New York City Rising Stars: Charlotte Stone

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Age: 24  |  Position: Press Secretary, Reshma Saujani

Growing up in a family of lawyers in Pittsburgh, Charlotte Stone often spent her dinner table conversations debating. Politics and policy were two topics that came up often, and Stone was the kid who would rather “watch CNN than play videogames,” she said. Her budding interest in politics led her to Brown University, where she majored in American studies and took note of theories and ideas she would later test while working on campaigns.

“It was a lot of pop culture and liberal arts, but it focused on politics from a theory perspective,” Stone said. “The campaign was an opportunity for me to put some theory into practice and ultimately realize how different practice is from theory.”

After graduating from Brown, Stone landed a job at Rubenstein Associates, a public relations firm based in New York City, where she learned the basics of “telling a story for a client,” whether it be a law firm, a studio or a politician. When the opportunity came along to join Reshma Saujani’s public advocate campaign, Stone was attracted by the chance to have a stake in the changing leadership in the city. While Saujani’s campaign ultimately fell short of victory, Stone believes Saujani left a lasting impact on the race through her substantive ideas and positive messaging to young women.

“What was so rewarding was we were able to break through in instances where we were bringing something so new to the table, that it was newsworthy even when there wasn’t a lot of appetite for horse-race coverage of the campaign,” Stone said.

If you were not working in politics or government, what would you be doing? “Probably film and television. It’s storytelling, so it’s communicating.”

What is your favorite place in New York City? “The East Village, where my apartment is.”

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