2013 New York City Rising Stars: John Fox

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Age: 33  |  Position: Media Director, Catsimatidis 2013

John Fox first met John Catsimatidis when Fox was working in advertising sales for WOR radio. A St. Louis native, Fox had made his way to New York after graduating from UConn, and wound up selling ads around some of the biggest names in talk radio—Don Imus, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh—first for WABC, and then for WOR.

As Catsimatidis, an advertiser with the station, got to know Fox, he took a liking to Fox’s insights into paid media strategy and branding. So when Catsimatidis decided to move forward with a mayoral run this year, he approached Fox about joining his team as his media director— though Fox had never before worked on a campaign.

“I said, ‘No, you really should have an agency,’ ” Fox recounted. “And he said, ‘You’re going to do it, and we’re going to do it together.’ And I was candid with him again, I said, ‘John, I have to be 100 percent clear with you, I don’t have experience doing this.’ And John smiles and he said, ‘Neither do I.’ ”

Though Catsimatidis ultimately came up short in the Republican primary, Fox’s maiden efforts were not without success. As Fox points out, on Feb. 1 Catsimatidis had 4 percent name recognition; on primary night it was over 82 percent. And Catsimatidis took over 40 percent of the vote, exceeding the predictions of the public polls and most experts.

Now that Fox has gotten his first taste of electoral politics, he is thirsty for more. “It was a lot of fun, so I certainly would like to continue,” he said.

If you were not working in politics or government, what would you be doing? “I guess the unrealistic answer is I would like to be a right fielder for the St. Louis Cardinals. Realistically, I would love to be in management in entertainment or sports.”

What is your favorite place in New York City? “My neighborhood. I’ve lived in the same apartment all seven years that I’ve lived here, in the West Village. I’ve got a patio over on the ground floor, so we’re very, very lucky there.”

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