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With its must-read morning email, its constantly updated web presence and its market-dominating newspaper, City & State is the only publication in New York devoted solely to covering government and politics in the city and state.

Formed from the merger of City Hall and The Capitol newspapers, City & State provides insightful and detailed coverage of the politics, the policies and the people that drive New York.

Our award-winning news team publishes an attention-grabbing full-color newspaper twice each month, mixing in-depth features and analysis of the biggest issues facing New York: industry spotlights that focus on the business of governing; interviews with leaders in government, politics and advocacy; and offbeat items that show the human side of a serious business.

Our newly revamped City & State website provides an easy-to-navigate home for all of our coverage of New York government and politics, with new web stories breaking news every day, a blog that provides a running commentary and analysis of the city and state political scene, and an online home for our entire archive of print coverage.

Our morning email, City & State First Read, is the dominant electronic update in New York. More than 13,000 recipients rely on it for the top news headlines and editorials of the day, as well as the birthdays of key New York players, news nuggets from our own reporting and schedules for the day ahead — all delivered to inboxes before 7 a.m.

All of City & State‘s media products offer an ideal advertising venue to reach the key influencers, thought leaders and decision-makers in New York government and politics. Our newspaper is mailed to the homes and offices of top elected and appointed officials; our website is a key resource for everyone looking for background and understanding of New York issues; our morning email is on the BlackBerries and iPhones of the most influential figures in New York.

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