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Family Court Continues Struggle with Caseload

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Understaffed and overwhelmed, New York family courts need more judges to handle a recent spike in caseloads, according to the state's top judge and several city officials.

“We are desperately short of judicial resources," said New York Chief Judge Judith Kaye in her February State of the Judiciary speech. “Aside from the pressures and demands of the stressful cases brought to Family Court, the volume of filings continues to soar."

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Construction Safety: A Tale of Two Cities

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José Luis Melendez, Klever Ramiro Jara, Anthony Duncan, Jiango Shen. These are just a few of the 29 people who died on construction sites in New York City last year.

Construction fatalities and accidents do not discriminate between union and non-union jobs. But when the Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that 86 percent of the construction deaths in New York City occur on non-union job sites, industry and public officials need to know why.

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