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Ensure Eligible People Access to Benefits They Need

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When Irania Sanchez's marriage broke up, she was given sole custody of her two daughters, both of whom had a variety of bronchial problems and asthma. One of her daughters, Gabriela, had to be hooked up to a machine every six hours to clean her lungs. Irania, a hard-working immigrant, was simply overwhelmed by her daughters' health care costs.

Fortunately, our state and local governments have programs in place to ensure that our city's children can stay healthy no matter… [More]

Bloomberg with a Bob?

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Christine Quinn (D-Manhattan) and Mayor Michael Bloomberg (R) have worked well together, and speak warmly of each other. She says he will likely be remembered as one of the city's greatest mayors; he calls her "one of the leaders here in trying to make this city one we can be proud of, and a city that will have a great future," using the...… [More]

Shoring Up the Immigrant Vote

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New York City politicians could soon have a new voting bloc to court—the legal, non-citizen immigrant.

Following through on an idea that has floated around the City Council since 2005, the Voting Rights Restoration Act would enable non-citizen residents who are 18 and older to vote in city elections if they have legally resided here for...… [More]

Paying Forward

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With a million more New Yorkers expected by 2030, Mayor Michael Bloomberg (R) is planning an overhaul of the city's aging infrastructure in the hopes of making it more sustainable and environmentally friendly for years to come.

But that could prove a very expensive facelift.

The city's long-term sustainability plan will require...… [More]