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Can Women Vote for Weiner?

Written by Megan Bungeroth on . Posted in Campaigns/Elections, News

Anthony Weiner was joined by his wife, Huma Abedin, at a press conference in July addressing a sexually explicit online conversation he had with another women after he resigned from Congress. When Anthony Weiner announced he was running for mayor of New York City, questions naturally arose. Is he serious? (Whom did he sext, and when?) Can he actually do it? (How many women received photos of, um, Weiner?) Who does he think he is? (Will we ever run out… [More]

The Return of the First Lady

Written by Megan Bungeroth on . Posted in Campaigns/Elections, Latest, News, News & Features, Uncategorized

Behind every New York City mayoral candidate, there’s a woman: our next potential First Lady. But who are these partners, and what impact will they have on the race?  Amid the blur of constant campaigning and fundraising, Tamra Lhota, wife of Joe Lhota, the former MTA chief turned Republican candidate for mayor, maintains she has given little thought to the idea of possibly becoming New York City’s First Lady. Lately, though, she has been forced to give the subject quite… [More]