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Airport Coalition Calls for Expansion of N Line to LaGuardia

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The Global Gateway Alliance, a coalition founded by real estate developer Joe Sitt to improve New York City’s airports, is taking aim at the lack of  viable mass transit access to LaGuardia Airport. At City & State’s State of Our City forum at Baruch College, Global Gateway Alliance Executive Director Stephen Sigmund called for  the revival of the N line extension to LaGuardia Airport, which was originally part of a MTA capital plan that got discarded in 2000 as a… [More]

City & State TV: Camille Rivera

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UnitedNY Executive Director Camille Rivera discusses the push for raising the minimum wage in New York City and the struggle to increase wages for airport and car wash workers in an interview with City Hall Bureau Chief Nick Powell. ‘ Rivera is part of a large coalition of grassroots leaders, nonprofit organizations, and labor unions advocating for the state Legislature to give New York City and other communities across the state the power to increase the minimum wage on a… [More]

City & State TV: Sid Davidoff

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Veteran political strategist Sid Davidoff contrasts the de Blasio administration with those of Mayors Dinkins and Lindsay in an interview with Morgan Pehme. Davidoff served as an administrative assistant to Mayor John Lindsey and then as an advisor to Mayor David Dinkins. Comparing the current mayor to the two former ones, Davidoff thinks Mayor Bill de Blasio is much more like Lindsay. “I like to compare BdB more to John Lindsay, who came in as a progressive Republican fighting for… [More]

City & State TV: Eric Adams Discusses LICH, Aqueduct Casino Bid and Shirley Huntley

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Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams discussed the agreement announced by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, SUNY Chairman Carl McCall and Mayor Bill de Blasio to open a bidding process that will encourage full-service healthcare at Long Island College Hospital, which is located only a few blocks away from Adams’ office at Borough Hall. Adams praised the deal that could keep the hospital running, characterizing the fight to keep LICH open as “an awesome battle,” but said that the conversation needs to move toward… [More]

City & State TV: Katz Discusses Queens Library Scandal

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Queens Borough President Melinda Katz discussed the recent scandal plaguing the Queens Public Library, including reports that the library’s executive director, Thomas Galante, received improper benefits on top of his salary of $392,000. “Whether or not the salary is exorbinant, by the way, compared to other not-for-profits is something that the board needs to figure out,” Katz said. “There is something called an executive compensation study and it is to be done by board of trustees for non-profits, so that needs… [More]

City & State TV: Geraldo Rivera

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  For generations, Geraldo Rivera has been one of the most recognizable television journalists and talk show hosts in America. The host of the show Geraldo at Large and a regular contributor to the Fox News Channel, recently Rivera’s radio program on WABC shifted to a locally focused format centering on the New York area. City & State Editor Morgan Pehme spoke with the Peabody-award winning journalist about Bill de Blasio, the rise of Latino political power, the DREAM Act,… [More]

City & State TV: Gale Brewer

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Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer has seen her fair share of State of the City addresses. She talks to C&S Editor Morgan Pehme about New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s speech and the need for more humor in the annual address. “I thought he hit all the highlights and did it in a fun, entertaining fashion,” Brewer said of de Blasio’s speech, pointing out the mayor’s call to expand paid sick leave, jobs, affordable housing and inequality. Brewer has… [More]