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Tisch Predicts Scores Will Rise, While Experts Stand By Common Core

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Many parents across the state were startled at how high the failing rates were under the new Common Core standard, but Dr. Merryl Tisch, Chancellor of the New York State Board of Regents, urged moving the discussion away from test scores at City and State’s “On Education” forum yesterday in Manhattan. To illustrate, with some dramatic effect, how relatively insignificant the test scores were at this time, Tisch made a prediction that she likened to Babe Ruth’s called shot home… [More]

In the Dark: Why Solar Legislation Stalled in Albany

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With major legislation to expand solar power stalling again in Albany this year, some New Yorkers are wondering when the solar industry will a brighter future. The state Senate and Assembly passed similar solar bills this past session, with the Assembly working closely with the governor’s office, but the two sides did not reach a compromise. Assemblywoman Amy Paulin, the chair of the Energy Committee, said that there was only one difference between the bills. However, working out the kinks… [More]

Laying Down the Law

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A new law that went into effect this summer could help businesses owned by women and minorities in New York City secure much larger government contracts. Local Law 1, which was signed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg in January and went into effect last month, does away with a $1 million cap on city contracts going to minority- and women-owned business enterprises, or M/WBEs. The $1 million cap had been imposed on eligible contracts by Local Law 129 in 2005. Gregorio… [More]

Progress Cited for Minority and Women Firms, But Obstacles Remain

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Several weeks after taking office in 2011, Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order aimed at giving minority and women-owned business enterprises (M/WBEs) access to more state projects and contracts. Since then M/WBE participation has grown from 9.2 percent of all state contracts to about 17 percent as of last December, a remarkable jump but still below the governor’s ambitious target of 20 percent. To Alphonso David, the governor’s deputy secretary for civil rights, this is all part of the… [More]

New York City Hunger Coalition Releases Report for Next Mayor

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The New York City Coalition against Hunger on Tuesday released its Food Secure NYC 2018 report, which provides the next mayor with a potential framework to “generate living wage jobs citywide, launch a food jobs initiative, and slash poverty.” The organization’s executive director, Joel Berg, touted the plan at the Broadway Community Inc. soup kitchen, arguing that it is imperative that the 1.4 million New York City residents and half million children living in “food insecure” homes receive the food they… [More]

Spitzer Cites Past As Governor, Attorney General While Launching Comptroller Campaign

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Former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer stopped by Union Square on Monday to discuss his sudden re-emergence into city politics after he announced he was stepping into the race for New York City comptroller. “I’m seriously committed to this,” Spitzer said outside a Manhattan subway stop in the sweltering heat. Spitzer cited his past as attorney general and governor as enough indication of what he’d be able to do as comptroller. He said that all he needs to get over… [More]

Bloomberg Praises Klein For Speed Cameras

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Tuesday praised the passage of legislation to bring speed cameras to New York City, citing state Sen. Jeff Klein as the reason the legislation went through. “I think this will have a chilling effect,” Klein said at a press conference at P.S. 81 in the Bronx, a likely site for a camera. “I think people are going to think twice before they speed [near] a school, before they hit that accelerator when they know they’re going to get caught by a… [More]

Ferreras and Arroyo Push For Overhaul of Medical Examiner

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New York City Council members Julissa Ferreras and Maria del Carmen Arroyo are pushing for legislation aimed at improving the quality and transparency of the city’s Office of Chief Medical Examiner. The office has been under scrutiny after an incident in which the body of an Irish man, Kevin Bell, 26, was picked up by the medical examiner’s office van and placed next to a bag of recyclables. One of the proposed bills would amend the New York City charter… [More]

New York City Aims to Help Youths Getting Out of Detention

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New York City government is trying to help young adults who are getting out of jail or detention. But according to Amy Berglio, a staff attorney for the School Justice Project, there are still obstacles that make it difficult to get youths back in school–and she hopes that the process became less painful. “We see time and time again students who are wrongfully prevented or dissuaded from attending school after returning from detention, placement or jail,” she said at a New… [More]

Mayor Bloomberg Unveils Climate Change Strategy For New York City

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In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and in the face of potential new threats caused by climate change, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced his “A Stronger, More Resilient New York” plan that will cost the city $19.5 billion to implement in a time span that will extend far past his tenure as mayor. “We refuse to pass responsibility for creating a plan onto the next administration. This is urgent work and it must begin now,” Bloomberg said at an address in… [More]