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The Difficulty Of Righting Wrongs

Written by Steven M. Cohen on . Posted in Opinion

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman recently proposed legislation that would remove obstacles that make it difficult for the wrongly convicted to obtain financial compensation from New York State. His proposal is admirable. But attention also needs to be paid to the difficulty of getting wrongful convictions righted, not just financially compensated. Twenty years ago, as an assistant United States attorney, I was part of a team of police officers and prosecutors who listened as a gang member admitted to his role… [More]

Corruption Thrives In Albany: Why Don’t Prosecutions?

Written by Steven M. Cohen on . Posted in Features, Opinion

If prosecuting corruption cases were fishing, Albany would be considered a trout farm. It seems that every time a prosecutor puts a line in the pond, out comes another lawmaker. Yet despite the number of cases, the general sentiment is that there are more investigations to be done and more arrests to be made. As the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Preet Bharara, commented, “It becomes more and more difficult to avoid the sad conclusion that… [More]

Bad News Bill: Bill de Blasio’s Good Fortune and Bad Luck

Written by Steven M. Cohen on . Posted in Features, Opinion

If the polls are to be believed, on Jan. 1, 2014, Bill de Blasio will be sworn in as mayor of New York City. If nothing calamitous happens between now and then, de Blasio may find himself in an unusual position for a newly elected executive: No major crisis awaits him. And that may prove to be his most vexing problem. Taking office absent a crisis has not been the norm for elected officials over the last few years. When… [More]