Brooklyn Tea Party Backs Maragos Over Hometown Rep. Turner

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On paper, you would think that the Tea Party in Brooklyn would support Brooklyn/Queens Rep. Bob Turner’s Senate candidacy, given that he’s the party’s hometown congressman. But over the weekend, the organization somewhat surprisingly instead decided to back Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos.

In an interview, the head of the Brooklyn Tea Party, Joseph Hayon, said that while all three GOP Senate candidates had some support, the decision had in large part come down to the fact that Maragos decided to come speak to his organization, while neither of Maragos’ opponents, Turner or Wendy Long, had paid similar tribute.

“One of the biggest complaints Tea Parties have is that in general, elected officials take us for granted,” Hayon said. “[Maragos] was willing to humble himself to get Tea Party support.”

There is also an alternative theory floating around. Though Hayon was an early supporter of Turner’s congressional bid in 2011, Orthodox Pundit says that Hayon, who is a strident opponent of same-sex marriage, was disillusioned by Turner’s reluctance to campaign on the gay marriage issue during his 2011 congressional special election race, in the wake of the legalization of gay marriage in New York. (Turner did bring up the issue during his unsuccessful 2010 bid for Congress.)

Hayon says gay marriage did play a role in the Brooklyn Tea Party’s endorsement decision – because Maragos is the only candidate to publicly back a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage – but insisted that no “payback” against Turner was involved.

As a side note, Hayon says he believes Maragos is likely to eventually get the backing of the National Organization for Marriage, as the only one of the three candidates who has publicly backed the idea of an anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment.

In an interview, Maragos said it would be “premature” to state that NOM was locked down, and said he would be publicly rolling out more endorsements in June.

In other Republican U.S. Senate primary news, Maragos says a debate has been scheduled for June 19th in Erie County, while the details of a planned NY1 debate are still being hammered out.

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Comments (5)

  • World B. Free


    The Brooklyn Tea party sounds a bit oxymoronic, especially when it’s supposed head Joseph Hayon who is a longtime welfare recipient, who also has been living off the government for several years, and still is.

    However, isn’t it a bit oxymoronic to be a tea party guy and a welfare guy too.

    The Brooklyn Tea Party should seriously change it’s name to the Brooklyn welfare party. Like we said the Brooklyn Tea party definitely oxymornoic.


  • Reter Rotamus and Yo Yo Monkey


    Republicans Jim Conte and Tom O’mara proposed “Internet Protection Act” would preclude Joseph Hayon’s obvious enemy, “World B. Free,” from posting this kind of false material anonymously. This is exactly the same kind of nonsense that Hayon had to withstand for two years at the hands of the Brooklyn GOP hate blog “The Jig is Up Atlas”.

    Mr. Hayon is a family man who works at two jobs to provide for his wife and family. He is also an independent social values Republican that opens avenues of communications to all sides.

    Brooklyn’s establishment Republicans are afraid Hayon will succeed without them; and they try to block him whenever they can. They hide behind their figurehead Chairman Craig Eaton, who says he supports Hayon, but is powerless to stop the others’ attacks on him or for some reason has chosen to tolerate them.


  • James McCall's Ghost


    Speaking of posting material anonymously. It’s good to see Joseph Hayon has called up former Democrat Senate and Assembly candidate James McCall taking a break from his anonymous commenting on an obscure democratic hate-blog to defend his friend Joseph Hayon.

    However, it’s interesting to note that Hayon an ardent opponent of gay-marriage, takes a position that contrasts one of McCall who not long ago attempted to received an endorsement of a prominent gay, lesbian, and transgender group in a district that is based in Borough Park.

    Is this a marriage of convience, or is somebody not really an ardent opponent of gay marriage, and hiding something in the closet along with stealing a Republican district leader’s literature leading up to the election, which Brooklyn Welfare party head Joseph Hayon got crushed in oops.

    However, taking a closer look at Hayon also shows a friendship with one Gary Popkin, Popkin a libertarian who also is a strong supporter of gay marriage, the Rockefeller drug laws, and probably just about any crazy other view out there which contrasts the supposed family values of Brooklyn Welfare party head Joseph Hayon.

    When it comes to hiding, and posting anonymous attacks, former Democrat Senate and Assembly candidate James McCall and Brooklyn Welfare party head Joseph Hayon take the cake and eat it together.


  • The Brooklyn Republican Whip


    What happened next was I replied …

    Why was the post above somewhat modified after I submitted my reply, which was not published by you?

    The prior comment, “Hayon’s Flavor of Tea” had stood unchanged for four (4) days.


  • The Brooklyn Republican Whip


    The comment “Hayon’s Flavor of Tea” has been removed completely after the comment above. That comment contained many scandalous charges against Mr. Joseph Hayon, which, if true, would have been very threatening to the extremely narrow victory of State Senator Elect David Storobin. It is the belief of “The Brooklyn Republican Whip” that the source of the information used to attack Mr. Hayon was a Bob Turner or Wendy Long supporter that was also a very active person with the Storobin Team.


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