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Veteran political strategist Sid Davidoff contrasts the de Blasio administration with those of Mayors Dinkins and Lindsay in an interview with Morgan Pehme.

Davidoff served as an administrative assistant to Mayor John Lindsey and then as an advisor to Mayor David Dinkins. Comparing the current mayor to the two former ones, Davidoff thinks Mayor Bill de Blasio is much more like Lindsay.

“I like to compare BdB more to John Lindsay, who came in as a progressive Republican fighting for some of the very same things we are talking about now like parental control of schools [and] much more citizen involvement. Those were the principles of the John Lindsay era,” reflected Davidoff.

Davidoff said that while both Mayor Dinkins and Mayor de Blasio are progressives their circumstances and backgrounds are markedly different, so it is difficult to compare the two men.

He also  made the point that de Blasio is more defined by how he compares to his predecessors, Michael Bloomberg and Rudy Giuliani, who had a more Manhattan-centric approach to the city, whereas de Blasio is making an effort to concentrate to a greater degree on problems facing the outer boroughs.

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