FAA Has No Plans for Noise Study Near LaGuardia Airport

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Last week we spoke to Janet McEneaney from Queens Quiet Skies about her organization’s push for further study into the noise created from planes leaving La Guardia International Airport.

McEneaney specifically addressed planes use of the TNNIS climb when leaving La Guardia’s runway 13. It is a particular path that planes take which brings them directly due east after taking off on a southern bound route, which reduces noise at Flushing Meadows park where Citi Field and the U.S. National Tennis Center are located.

For now, it does not look like the Federal Aviation Administration will making any changes to the TNNIS climb. In a letter responding to questions from the Global Gateway Alliance, whose Executive Director Stephen Sigmund we interviewed earlier this month, the FAA said they have no plans to conduct further study into this matter.

In the letter, Elizabeth Ray, the¬†FAA’s vice president of mission support services, writes that after a six-month test procedure on increased use of the TNNIS path, the agency concluded that it “was effective in reducing congestion at LGA and John F. Kennedy International Airport.”

It goes on to say, “there were no findings of significant impacts on noise levels to the surrounding area, the noise levels were below defined thresholds and all environmental requirements were met.”

Faa Tnnis Climb Letter

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