The Power Writer: A Q&A with Historian Robert Caro

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Anyone who has studied New York City or state politics seriously has read Robert Caro’s The Power Broker. City & State Editor Morgan Pehme spoke with the Pulitzer Prize-winning author and lifelong New Yorker about his time covering Albany as a reporter, his approach to writing and who else he thinks would be a worthy subject of a Caro biography.… [More]

Miner For Gold

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Stephanie Miner is not looking for a handout. But while she insists she has done everything she can to balance the $300 million budget, there is still a roughly $30 million gap, and little more she can do, she says, without changes from Albany.… [More]

Frank Seddio Is Your Italian Grandmother

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“You should use cold water with chicken cutlets,” says Frank Seddio, the new chairman of the Kings County Democratic Party. “You want to keep them fresh. You don’t want it to get too warm. You have to be careful with chicken. When you cook it, you can’t leave it out too long. Temperature is very important with chicken.” Seddio patiently breads and places his chicken cutlets one-by one in an inch of crackling vegetable oil. Two quarts of salted water… [More]

Bloomberg’s Last Defense

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In 2008, when Marc LaVorgna first met with Mayor Michael Bloomberg about joining his press office, the mayor had one request: “Don’t f— it up.” “I was shell-shocked,” LaVorgna said. “I didn’t know that he says that to everybody, but at that moment I was completely shell-shocked. I didn’t know what to say. He just said it and walked away, because that’s what the mayor does.” Four years later, as LaVorgna prepares to take over the top job in the… [More]

A Rookie Veteran

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First-term Assemblywoman Shelley Mayer is banking on experience and relationships to turn Yonkers around After a quarter century of navigating the state capital as a lobbyist and legislative staffer and forging tight bonds with some of Albany’s biggest power brokers, Shelley Mayer is doing something she had never done before: serving as an elected official. “I’m a newcomer—one of the oldest newcomers,” said Mayer, who won a special election for an open Assembly seat in Yonkers this spring by a… [More]

Above and Beyond

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Good riddance to the time when women deserved special notice just for being the first in anything. New York is still far from full equality between the sexes in 2012, but the barriers that once kept women from male-dominated fields and careers are now noted mostly for being demolished. That’s why City & State is proud to honor a diverse selection of women who take a leading role in the public and civic life of New York. Some of them… [More]

Frances Resheske

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Frances Resheske Senior vice president of public affairs, Con Edison When Frances Resheske was young, she wanted to be president. “I always grew up wanting to run for office, which is not something I’m interested in doing at this point,” Resheske said. “When I was a little girl, I actually told my teacher I wanted to be the first woman president.” Her career has followed a different path, but one still situated firmly in the public sphere. She meets regularly… [More]