Talking Points: New York’s Worst Political Scandal

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As the state is buffeted by a seemingly unending series of scandals involving elected officials, we asked a number of experts and politicians to weigh in what was New York’s worst political scandal ever. Let us know if you agree–and what scandals may have been overlooked. Larry Norden Deputy Director, Brennan Center for Justice The past 10 years have been really bad for Albany. We’ve had at least 13 convictions of elected officials, many more indictments, including three of the… [More]

Talking Points: What State Law Would You Change?

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If you could change any state law, what would it be? Steve Hawley, Republican assemblyman The SAFE Act, even though it’s one of the most recent laws—the way it was done, without public input, without public discourse and hearings; I could never support legislation that is done in the dead of night. Just the fact that I believe it violates the second amendment of the Constitution; I believe it goes against the very constituents that I represent, the vast majority of them. Any time you… [More]

Talking Points: Experts and Politicians Discuss State Gun Legislation

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Q: What would you do to amend the state’s new gun legislation, if anything? Eric Adams, Democratic State Senator/Brooklyn Borough President Candidate: I’m hoping we clear up any misunderstanding on police officers, active and retired, regarding the maximum number of magazines they can carry. That’s a public safety issue that needs to be addressed. You would be amazed to find out that retired officers still have a badge of courage. Retired officers are in our supermarkets, our stores and even… [More]

Talking Points: Experts and Politicians on the Minimum Wage

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Q: Should the state raise the minimum wage? Should a proposed hike be included in the budget? Brian Kolb, Assembly Minority Leader (R): The hard part on this is when you have individuals earning minimum wage—it was an entry-level wage for workers entering the workforce. It was never designed to be a living wage. We have blurred the line between entry-level wage and living wage. I’m still looking for some input from those in the business community and the small… [More]