Grading the Grid: Exploring Options to Make the Energy Grid More Reliable

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Nearly a year ago Superstorm Sandy slammed into New York City and Long Island, causing billions of dollars of damage, shutting down mass transit systems and leaving over 2 million people without power. The natural disaster also raised increasingly pressing questions about the resiliency of the state’s energy infrastructure—which is already saddled with problems such as bottlenecks along its transmission grid and aging power plants. Michael Delaney, a top energy policy adviser in the Bloomberg administration, said that New York… [More]

Annual “On Energy” Conference

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City & State hosted our annual downstate New York energy conference discussing emerging technologies in energy production and transportation; Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s legacy on energy and sustainability in New York City; and a special focus on Grid Resiliency, the New York State Energy Highway, Consumer Empowerment. Moderator: Jon Lentz, Managing Editor, City & State Panel: Michael Delaney, Director of Energy Regulatory Affairs for New York City’s Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability Hon. Kevin Parker, Ranking Member of NY Senate… [More]

LAST LOOK: State Sen. Kevin Parker

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State Sen. Kevin Parker discusses the upcoming legislative session, energy policy initiatives and weighs in on Bill de Blasio’s Democratic primary victory and the black vote in an interview with Jon Lentz. When asked about Bill de Blasio’s Democratic primary win, Parker said he felt like the black community has reached a turning point where policies are now more important than the people on the ballot. “There is a maturity you are seeing in terms of the electorate particularly in… [More]

Setting the Agenda: Legislative Priorities for 2014

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A Head Start on the 2014 Season As Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” For many organizations, interests and activists— and the media outlets tha t cover them—by the time the focus shifts to the next year’s legislative agenda in Albany, the top players have already set the priorities—the battle lines are already drawn. It’s with the aim of preparing for next year and keeping ahead of the curve—and engaging the 2014 legislative… [More]

Setting the Agenda: The Environment

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A tanker ship carries natural gas, a controversial fuel source due to the debate over hydrofracking. According to New York League of Conservation Voters President Marcia Bystryn, the New York Legislature did pretty well with the environment last year. “We give them a B-minus, overall,” Bystryn told City & State, noting that—outside of a solar tax credit—the environmentalist group’s top goals for the session were all met. Those goals included a food metrics bill to help assess greener food production… [More]