Called In The From the Bullpen, Holloway Looks To Shake Up DEP

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In 1996, Parks Commissioner Henry Stern recruited a 23-yearold Harvard graduate named Cas Holloway to come work for him, as part of an initiative by Stern to recruit the best and brightest recent college graduates from across the country. But Stern came under fire from critics who contended that more than qualified candidates for the jobs were in New York City.… [More]

Green Building Plan Takes Steps To Help City Become More Energy-Efficient

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Working with the New York City Council, Speaker Christine Quinn and Councilman Jim Gennaro, we developed a “Greener, Greater Buildings Plan,” a comprehensive package of legislation that was signed into law in December 2009. The Plan, the most far-reaching municipal effort to cut carbon emissions in the nation, will ensure that existing buildings take costeffective steps to become more efficient.… [More]

Gas Drilling In Marcellus Shale Is Shortsighted And Unacceptable

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For more than a decade, state and city lawmakers have worked together to protect the city’s extraordinary water supply. We have implemented a comprehensive Watershed Protection Program and taken careful measures to provide dependable drinking water, which is among the highest-quality in the nation. As a result of these concerted efforts, New York is one of only five large cities in the country to be granted federal exemption from water filtration requirements. This has allowed New York to avoid constructing… [More]

League of Extraordinary Environmentalists

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These days, there are more greenbacks backing the green agenda in New York.

After more than 20 years advocating for environmental causes, the League of Conservation Voters has pumped up its PAC to expand its political operation.

“It’s a sea change in how we see ourselves in an organization,” said Marcia Bystryn, the group’s executive director.

Gioia Lays Out Plans, But Not Dollars (Yet) for Carbon-Neutral Campaign

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For Council Member Eric Gioia (D-Queens), in the public advocate campaign, green is all the rage—environmentally speaking, that is.

Gioia announced he was running a carbon-neutral public advocate campaign February 2008, and his campaign stresses the changes he has made to mitigate his carbon footprint. And indeed, he has spent only $1,444 on campaign mailing last February, saving on paper. Plus, he claims to use hybrid vehicles on the campaign trail.

But for all of his...… [More]

The Assembly's Unlikely Farm Team

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Tuesday mornings in Albany during the legislative session are likely to find Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal (D) focusing on issues like maple syrup production, the dairy industry and upstate apple crops.

That is because Rosenthal, who represents Manhattan's Upper West Side, is one of four city legislators who serve on the Agriculture Committee,...… [More]