Has Anything Changed? A Year After Sandy, Are We Ready for the Next Big Storm?

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In June Mayor Bloomberg’s office released a $19.5 billion plan with over 250 recommendations for preparing the city in the face of climate change and severe storms. The proposals included building a giant levee to protect Lower Manhattan, creating wetlands along the East River and erecting floodgates along Staten Island. But measures like these would take years to implement. So with hurricane season again upon us, how is New York better equipped to handle the next natural disaster that could… [More]

Inside the Capitol: The Governor’s Next Adirondack Challenge

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The natural beauty of the Adirondack Park is one of the region’s assets. (Photos: Susan Arbetter) It was Monday. Vacation was over. After pancakes with maple syrup at Chrissy’s Diner in Indian Lake, I walked outside to wait for my husband to unlock the car. We were headed south to Albany. I was depressed. An older man with a cell phone to his ear was standing by the door of the restaurant. He said, “I can tell you’re not from… [More]

In the Dark: Why Solar Legislation Stalled in Albany

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With major legislation to expand solar power stalling again in Albany this year, some New Yorkers are wondering when the solar industry will a brighter future. The state Senate and Assembly passed similar solar bills this past session, with the Assembly working closely with the governor’s office, but the two sides did not reach a compromise. Assemblywoman Amy Paulin, the chair of the Energy Committee, said that there was only one difference between the bills. However, working out the kinks… [More]

Celebrity Deputies

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If we were making a movie about the next mayor’s administration, here’s who we would cast: Mayor Press Secretary Police Commissioner Alec Baldwin. He already thinks he’s your mayor anyway—and admit it, you secretly want him in City Hall. Allison Janney. If she could handle Aaron Sorkin she can handle David Seifman. Tom Selleck. This Blue Blood can stop and frisk us any day he wants. Senior Advisor First Deputy Mayor Economic Development Corporation President Bradley Whitford. We can’t do… [More]

Scorecard: Hospitality & Tourism

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The Players The State Gov. Andrew Cuomo has increasingly made tourism a priority of his administration, pitching expanded casino gambling to help the upstate economy, holding summits for the state’s yogurt, beer and wine industries and, earlier this year, setting aside more funding to attract visitors to the state. In March Gavin Landry joined Empire State Development as executive director of its tourism division, which oversees the “I Love New York” marketing campaign. Landry also coordinates with the governor’s Tourism… [More]

On the Waterfront: The Pros and Cons of Bloomberg’s Seaport City

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The “Seaport City” proposal is part of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s long-term plan to prepare for the impacts of a changing climate. (Source: The Mayor’s Office) Could a replica of Battery Park City be in the Lower East Side’s future? Perhaps, but only if New York City’s next mayor carries out the vision of Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Early last month Bloomberg released a 430-page statement called “A Stronger, More Resilient New York,” presenting the city’s plan of action to guard against… [More]

The Next Administration: Who Will Serve New York City’s Next Mayor?

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A mayor is often only as good as the administration she or he selects. Over his three terms Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been generally acclaimed for the quality of his appointees—with some notable exceptions (e.g., Cathie Black, Stephen Goldsmith). Now, after nearly 12 years, New York City will have its first new mayor, who will in turn appoint a whole new team of deputies, commissioners and advisors to implement and elaborate his or her philosophical approach to governance. City &… [More]

State Legislature Rated “B-” By Environmental Group

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New York lawmakers earned a collective “B-” on environmental issues during the 2013 session, according to a new report from the New York League of Conservation Voters. The report assesses the Legislature’s performance on a list of measures designated as priorities at the start of the session, including a bill to reduce mercury pollution and another one aimed at promoting local food by tracking where state agencies purchase food (which both passed), as well as a bill to boost solar… [More]