On Inauguration Day, a New City Government Doubles Down on Progressive Vision

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A bitterly cold, gray New Year’s Day greeted New York City’s new government leaders on Wednesday afternoon in front of City Hall. The standard political party mix of Bruce Springsteen and various Motown and soul numbers thumped from the sound system, though if there were any dancing it was likely an attempt to keep blood flowing to the extremities. City and state dignitaries and several celebrities were in attendance, glad-handing, smiling through chattering teeth, and waiting patiently for the man… [More]

Setting the Agenda: Legislative Priorities for 2014

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A Head Start on the 2014 Season As Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” For many organizations, interests and activists— and the media outlets tha t cover them—by the time the focus shifts to the next year’s legislative agenda in Albany, the top players have already set the priorities—the battle lines are already drawn. It’s with the aim of preparing for next year and keeping ahead of the curve—and engaging the 2014 legislative… [More]

Setting the Agenda: Health Care

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So far 2013 has been a year of transition for much of New York’s healthcare system, with the action centered on the enactment and implementation of laws and policies from previous years. Officials are scrambling to promote the state’s new health-insurance market, which is slated to open on Oct. 1, Meanwhile, the implementation of a 2012 bill aimed at curbing the abuse of prescription opioids, the so-called “I-STOP” legislation, was set to go into effect by the end of August.… [More]

After Sunset: Can Vito Lopez and Ridgewood Bushwick Survive Without Each Other?

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Former Assemblyman Vito Lopez received a warm welcome at Ridgewood Bushwick’s annual picnic in July. (Photo by Aaron Short) The unforgiving sun beat down on former Assemblyman Vito Lopez and some 2,000 Brooklyn senior citizens milling about the picnic grounds on one of the hottest days of the year. Lopez clutched a plastic water bottle that he would soon empty and stood near a roped-off table, greeting a line of seniors waiting for their steaks to finish sizzling on the… [More]

Celebrity Deputies

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If we were making a movie about the next mayor’s administration, here’s who we would cast: Mayor Press Secretary Police Commissioner Alec Baldwin. He already thinks he’s your mayor anyway—and admit it, you secretly want him in City Hall. Allison Janney. If she could handle Aaron Sorkin she can handle David Seifman. Tom Selleck. This Blue Blood can stop and frisk us any day he wants. Senior Advisor First Deputy Mayor Economic Development Corporation President Bradley Whitford. We can’t do… [More]

Carrión Unamused By “Theatrics” At HIV/AIDS Forum [UPDATED]

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During a mayoral forum on HIV/AIDS issues on Tuesday, little-known Democratic mayoral candidate Randy Credico, a comedian and political activist, took advantage of his rare invitation by launching into a rant about his past exploits, drawing hysterical laughter from the audience. Credico began by calling former mayor Rudolph Giuliani a “thuggish dictator” and comparing Mayor Michael Bloomberg to Napoleon before detailing his personal history. “I used to drink, I used to hang out in the village, I used to do… [More]