Could Indictment of Bronx Nonprofit Manager Jeopardize State Economic Grants?

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A Bronx nonprofit organization that received $375,000 in regional economic development grants from the Cuomo administration last year is being scrutinized after one its managers was indicted for bribery this week. Satnarine Seebachan oversaw contract bidding for Bronx Shepherds Restoration Corporation, a nonprofit that provides housing and other services. The U.S. attorney’s office alleges that between 2006 and 2010, he took bribes from contractors seeking lucrative federal grants to do home repairs. BSRC’s $375,000 award from the state Regional Economic… [More]

The Post-Session Scorecard

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Pols promised much; what did they deliver? At the close of his second legislative session as the state’s executive, Gov. Andrew Cuomo ran down a litany of accomplishments, citing a spirit of bipartisan cooperation between his office and both houses of the Legislature as a lubricant for getting things done. But how many of the legislative leaders’ promises actually came to fruition? Sen. Majority Leader Dean Skelos offered little in the way of concrete plans at the session’s start, and… [More]

Albany ‘astroturf’: Five lobby groups whose names don’t tell the whole story

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What does New York Alliance for Environmental Concerns advocate for? Whom does Citizens for Fire Safety Institute represent? Both, it turns out, work on behalf of businesses that produce or use chemicals. Lobbying always has an element of spin, but some organizations make it easy to misunderstand whom they speak for or what they stand for. As the current state legislative session winds down, the New York World used its Lobbies at the Top database as a starting point to identify organizations that lobbied state… [More]

ICYMI: Lopez takes a swipe at Velazquez during tenant meeting

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Last Tuesday, Brooklyn Democratic chairman Assemblyman Vito Lopez took the opportunity during a meeting with tenant activists to take a shot at one of his borough rivals he would like to see defeated this year, Rep. Nydia Velazquez. “They really don’t like you,” Lopez told around 200 tenants gathered at a meeting on his 2010 law protecting their right to live in former industrial spaces, referring to Velazquez and Councilwoman Diana Reyna. “This was Velazquez’s way of saying you don’t… [More]

Alicia Glen

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Alicia Glen Managing director, Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group The Kalahari condominium on 116th Street in Manhattan is one of Alicia Glen’s proudest achievements: modern, luxurious, LEED-certified and above all, a mixture of high-income and medium-income residents. “It was the first time we combined different income levels, not just in rentals but in home ownership,” Glen said. “That was really groundbreaking, because nobody before has thought that somebody would spend $1 million to buy an apartment in a building [where]… [More]

Expert Roundtable: Affordable Housing

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Catharine Young Senate Housing Committee Chairwoman Q: What are your priorities for the coming session? CY: One of my priorities is stimulating growth in the affordable-housing sector through tax incentives or zoning incentives such as a fully refundable housing tax credit. Last year we worked on a bifurcation bill which would have split the state and federal housing tax credits to make them more appealing to private investors. It’s something I think would have great economic and social benefits. I… [More]

New York Affordable Housing

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THE ISSUES RENT REGULATIONS The U.S. Supreme Court has asked the city and state to respond to Upper West Side landlord James Harmon’s claim that New York City’s rent-stabilization law is an unconstitutional infringement on property owners. Many previous legal challenges to rent regulation have failed, and two lower courts dismissed Harmon’s claim. But if the Supreme Court takes the case, the future of New York City’s one million rent-regulated apartments could hang in the balance. J-51 AND THE ROBERTS… [More]

Justice And The Rent Laws

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Supreme Court challenge will likely fail, but still nobody’s happy One million apartments in New York City charge lower rent than they would on the free market. For millions of New Yorkers, it’s a fact of life—one that makes winners and losers out of both tenants and building owners, but one that they all live with. Except for James Harmon. The owner of an Upper West Side townhouse with three market-rate tenants and three rentregulated ones, he has asked the… [More]

Brick By Brick

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New York City’s affordable-housing system works—but it’s complicated At a City Council hearing last week, two union leaders with concerns about New York City’s affordable-housing programs wanted to make a point. So they drew up enormous charts showing just how complicated the system is. The first one alone had 29 arrows linking seven public agencies, six housing developers and two private companies— all to build one project. “What you’re seeing here is sort of inherent to the affordable-housing world,” city… [More]