Fractured Support In Comptroller's Race Demonstrates Divided Labor Priorities

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One has the police. Another has the firefighters. The Teamsters have gone another way, as have the stage musicians.

In the election to choose the next city comptroller, organized labor has splintered among the four contenders to a degree not usually seen in citywide races, with each offering...… [More]

Mendola Aims To Chop City Contracts And Reform Pensions

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Greenwich Village is not the strongest Republican base. Which was just one of the problems GOP leaders had when Joe Mendola approached them about becoming their candidate for comptroller.

“It was a bit of a challenge for the Republican Party to embrace a single dad who lives in the Village with two small children,” he said, mingling at a fundraiser in the backyard of a duplex townhouse he owns on Bedford Street. “Pro-choice, in favor...… [More]

Unions Take Cautious Approach to New Power Alignment in Albany

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When Democrats won control of the State Senate for the first time in 40 years, most observers thought the switch in majority would dramatically reshape the political landscape for the city’s labor unions.

Organized labor would ditch its marriage of convenience with Republicans, the logic went, and line up in pursuit of some key union priorities, such as Medicaid reform and paid family leave.

But the budget battle has scuttled many of...… [More]