LAST LOOK: Rev. Jacques Andre De Graff

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Reverend Jacques Andre De Graff discusses the future of minority- and women-owned business enterprises and what he hopes to hear from Bill de Blasio and Joe Lhota at Tuesday’s MWBE Forum in an interview with Morgan Pehme. De Graff said the MWBE conference has become a “catalytic” event that causes things to happen. He praised last year’s forum for encouraging all the mayoral candidates in attendance to pledge to create a chief diversity officer position in New York City. The forum… [More]

Work It Out: New York’s Labor-Management Stalemate

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Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner has questioned the objectivity of arbitration boards that help settle municipal labor contract disputes. (Photo: Filip Wolak) In New York City, every public employee union is working under expired contracts. From firefighters to teachers to police officers, it’s a management-labor impasse the likes of which the city hasn’t seen since the fiscal crisis of the 1970s. According to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, this isn’t entirely a bad thing from the city’s perspective. “My successor will enter negotiations… [More]

Scorecard: Organized Labor

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The Players The Unions Organized labor unions continue to play a big role in New York’s political world. Among the key private unions are 32BJ SEIU, 1199 SEIU, the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union and the Hotel and Motel Trades Council. All four unions play a big role in moving legislation and influencing policy, and are expected to have a meaningful impact in the coming citywide election, with 32BJ, RWDSU and HTC endorsing Christine Quinn for mayor. 1199, the… [More]

The Roundtable: Organized Labor

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Diane Savino New York State Senator, Chair of Senate Committee on Labor Q: What are the key issues facing organized labor? DS: While there are broad issues that affect all labor organizations—like income security, maintaining gains and benefits, protecting retirement security— there are many individual and unique challenges facing the various sectors. The battle over Tier VI should serve as a wake-up call to all of us in labor that the only way to prevent further erosion and build toward… [More]

Cuomo’s Labor Pains

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo, joined by Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other elected officials from across the state, signed sweeping pension reform legislation in March 2012 that is projected to save more than $80 billion over the next 30 years. (Courtesy Executive Chamber) Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s relationship with organized labor is best described as complicated. Unlike many statewide Democrats who rely on heavy labor support in elections, Cuomo won his race in 2010 with underwhelming labor support for a politician who fashions… [More]

Shifting Allegiances: Union Endorsements in the New York City Mayor’s Race

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Much of the debate around the power of labor endorsements in the 2013 mayoral race centers around whether a given union can play a significant role in delivering the election to a candidate. While some labor leaders make much of their ability to play “kingmaker” in election years, there is no definitive metric that can substantiate these claims. What is clear is that unions are a valuable supplement to practically any campaign. They can spend large sums of money on… [More]

Union Man? GOP Congressman Michael Grimm Makes Inroads with Labor

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Rep. Michael Grimm (center left), with Geraldo Rivera and NYPD and FDNY members last fall. Grimm, a Republican, has made inroads among labor groups. (Source: Grimm Flickr page) The Democratic Party’s grip on organized labor remains strong in New York City. But as the two major political parties gear up for City Councilman Domenic Recchia’s challenge to Republican Staten Island congressman Michael Grimm, Grimm’s courtship of the unions has been paying dividends—both monetarily and politically. According to the website OpenSecrets.… [More]

Laying Down the Law

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A new law that went into effect this summer could help businesses owned by women and minorities in New York City secure much larger government contracts. Local Law 1, which was signed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg in January and went into effect last month, does away with a $1 million cap on city contracts going to minority- and women-owned business enterprises, or M/WBEs. The $1 million cap had been imposed on eligible contracts by Local Law 129 in 2005. Gregorio… [More]

The New Agenda

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A year ago in June, City & State hosted a groundbreaking forum that brought together leaders in business, policy and government to launch a conversation on the role of minority- and women-owned businesses (M/WBEs) in the economy. The event, entitled “The New Agenda” and hosted by New York University’s Kimmel Center, brought together the 2013 candidates for New York City mayor for the first time, and opened up a discussion about the challenges M/WBEs face and the steps government can… [More]