Gun Group’s Membership Has Spiked Since Passage of SAFE Act

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Tom King of the State Rifle & Pistol Association (Photo by Shannon DeCelle) Gun owners joined the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association in droves last year, making the group the largest state affiliate of the National Rifle Association, according to the state-based group. NYSRPA President Tom King said membership numbers leapt from the mid-20,000s to more than 41,000 in 2013. Gun rights activists have been at odds with Gov. Andrew Cuomo and some state lawmakers since the passage of the SAFE Act in late 2012, a potential factor behind the increase in membership. King attributed… [More]

De Blasio Pre-K Push Mirrors Dinkins Era Negotiation [CORRECTED]

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Last week New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio traveled to Albany to make the case for his universal preschool program in front of the state Assembly Ways and Means and the Senate Finance committees. De Blasio, who campaigned on providing full-day preschool for all four year olds, as well as after school programs for every middle school student, has ramped up his campaign for the effort, which would be paid for through a temporary tax hike on the city’s… [More]

De Blasio Joins Mayors Against Illegal Guns

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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has joined Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a nationwide coalition co-founded by his predecessor, Michael Bloomberg, and the move prompted praise from gun control advocates. The new mayor is no stranger to gun-violence initiatives, something New Yorkers Against Gun Violence Executive Director Leah Gunn Barrett cited as one of the reasons she sees de Blasio’s joining as a positive. “He, as public advocate, led the national campaign to pressure hedge funds and money managers to divest from the gun… [More]

Patrolmen’s Union Not Giving Up Fight Despite Stop-And-Frisk Ruling

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Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Thursday the city will move to drop the appeal in the historic stop-and-frisk case. The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, which has fought changes in stop-and-frisk, said it will continue to explore legal avenues to protect their members from the remedies suggested in the court ruling. “We continue to have serious concerns about how these remedies will impact our members and the ability to do their jobs,”said PBA Patrick Lynch. “Our goal is to continue to… [More]

On Inauguration Day, a New City Government Doubles Down on Progressive Vision

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A bitterly cold, gray New Year’s Day greeted New York City’s new government leaders on Wednesday afternoon in front of City Hall. The standard political party mix of Bruce Springsteen and various Motown and soul numbers thumped from the sound system, though if there were any dancing it was likely an attempt to keep blood flowing to the extremities. City and state dignitaries and several celebrities were in attendance, glad-handing, smiling through chattering teeth, and waiting patiently for the man… [More]

Report Aims To Remind De Blasio of His Policing Promises

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After meeting with incoming New York City police commissioner Bill Bratton last Thursday, Communities United for Police Reform is releasing a report today, outlining policy priorities intended to help the incoming Mayor-elect de Blasio fulfill his campaign pledges on safety and policing. Specifically, the report urges Bratton to reject “strategies that rely on discrimination,” such as stop-and-frisk quotas and the surveillance of Muslims. The report also calls on de Blasio to discontinue the Bloomberg administration’s legal challenges to the Floyd decision, which would… [More]

LAST LOOK: Vincent Gentile

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New York City Councilman Vincent Gentile discusses the future of member items and the appointment of Bill Bratton as the new police commissioner and gives incoming council members some advice in an interview with Nick Powell. Gentile said that with a new speaker set to take over for Christine Quinn in 2014, he would like to reform how member items are doled out to Council members. He said he has been a “poster boy” for lawmakers being punished with fewer member… [More]

De Blasio Appoints William Bratton as New Police Commissioner

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Bill de Blasio, New York City’s “progressive” mayor-elect, reached back in time to fill arguably the most important position in his administration, naming William Bratton as his police commissioner, returning Bratton to the city where his star began to rise in the same role under former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. While introducing him at the Red Hook Community Justice Center in Brooklyn, de Blasio highlighted Bratton’s impressive track record, which includes major reductions in crime in both New York and Los… [More]

LAST LOOK: Mary Wittenberg

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Mary Wittenberg, the executive director of the New York Road Runners, discusses the cancellation of last year’s New York Marathon, the increased security at this year’s competition in response to the Boston bombing and the celebrities who might be running on Sunday in an interview with Nick Powell. When asked about the cancellation of last year’s marathon because of Superstorm Sandy, Wittenberg said she wished she had understood the magnitude of the storm and its impact much earlier, but explained that… [More]

Has Anything Changed? A Year After Sandy, Are We Ready for the Next Big Storm?

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In June Mayor Bloomberg’s office released a $19.5 billion plan with over 250 recommendations for preparing the city in the face of climate change and severe storms. The proposals included building a giant levee to protect Lower Manhattan, creating wetlands along the East River and erecting floodgates along Staten Island. But measures like these would take years to implement. So with hurricane season again upon us, how is New York better equipped to handle the next natural disaster that could… [More]