Stopping Stop-And-Frisk Quotas

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg has staunchly defended the NYPD’s use of stop-and-frisk amid charges of bias against blacks and Latinos, claiming that whites are actually being stopped too often, not minorities. “It’s exactly the reverse of what they’re saying,” Bloomberg said on his radio show in June, arguing that stop-and-frisk should be viewed in the context of who is suspected of committing murders or other violent crime. “I don’t know where they went to school, but they certainly didn’t take a… [More]

Celebrity Deputies

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If we were making a movie about the next mayor’s administration, here’s who we would cast: Mayor Press Secretary Police Commissioner Alec Baldwin. He already thinks he’s your mayor anyway—and admit it, you secretly want him in City Hall. Allison Janney. If she could handle Aaron Sorkin she can handle David Seifman. Tom Selleck. This Blue Blood can stop and frisk us any day he wants. Senior Advisor First Deputy Mayor Economic Development Corporation President Bradley Whitford. We can’t do… [More]

On the Waterfront: The Pros and Cons of Bloomberg’s Seaport City

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The “Seaport City” proposal is part of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s long-term plan to prepare for the impacts of a changing climate. (Source: The Mayor’s Office) Could a replica of Battery Park City be in the Lower East Side’s future? Perhaps, but only if New York City’s next mayor carries out the vision of Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Early last month Bloomberg released a 430-page statement called “A Stronger, More Resilient New York,” presenting the city’s plan of action to guard against… [More]

LAST LOOK: Delores Jones-Brown

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Dr. Delores Jones-Brown, the founding director of the Center on Race, Crime and Justice at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, discusses a report on “stop, question, and frisk policies” in New York City in an interview with Jon Lentz. The report, released last week, is an update of a primer released in 2010 with statistics compiled mainly from the NYPD website over the past three years. The center’s analysis of the data clashes with many of the recent claims… [More]

The Next Administration: Who Will Serve New York City’s Next Mayor?

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A mayor is often only as good as the administration she or he selects. Over his three terms Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been generally acclaimed for the quality of his appointees—with some notable exceptions (e.g., Cathie Black, Stephen Goldsmith). Now, after nearly 12 years, New York City will have its first new mayor, who will in turn appoint a whole new team of deputies, commissioners and advisors to implement and elaborate his or her philosophical approach to governance. City &… [More]

Bloomberg Praises Klein For Speed Cameras

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Tuesday praised the passage of legislation to bring speed cameras to New York City, citing state Sen. Jeff Klein as the reason the legislation went through. “I think this will have a chilling effect,” Klein said at a press conference at P.S. 81 in the Bronx, a likely site for a camera. “I think people are going to think twice before they speed [near] a school, before they hit that accelerator when they know they’re going to get caught by a… [More]

Ferreras and Arroyo Push For Overhaul of Medical Examiner

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New York City Council members Julissa Ferreras and Maria del Carmen Arroyo are pushing for legislation aimed at improving the quality and transparency of the city’s Office of Chief Medical Examiner. The office has been under scrutiny after an incident in which the body of an Irish man, Kevin Bell, 26, was picked up by the medical examiner’s office van and placed next to a bag of recyclables. One of the proposed bills would amend the New York City charter… [More]

14 Republicans Vote Against Last-Minute Addition to SAFE Act

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Senate Republicans were surprised with the last-minute addition to the governor’s SAFE Act on Friday morning that allowed retired police officers to carry more than seven rounds in their weapons. Upstate state Sen. Kathleen Marchione, one of 14 Republicans to vote no on the amendment, sent out a release at 2:30 a.m. on Friday calling the law “unconstitutional.” “I may be new to the chamber, but I believe we should not be passing laws past midnight,” she said. “Is it any… [More]

Groups Target Koo and Rivera On Community Safety Act

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In advance of an expected City Council vote on the proposed Community Safety Act next week, constituents and community groups will be holding actions in the districts of Council Members Peter Koo and Joel Rivera, calling on them to support the bills to ban racial profiling and establish an Inspector General for the New York Police Department. These groups–which will include the Bronx Defenders, VOCAL-NY and Picture the Homeless in Rivera’s district, and Asian community groups like CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities and MinKwon Center for… [More]