New York City Aims to Help Youths Getting Out of Detention

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New York City government is trying to help young adults who are getting out of jail or detention. But according to Amy Berglio, a staff attorney for the School Justice Project, there are still obstacles that make it difficult to get youths back in school–and she hopes that the process became less painful. “We see time and time again students who are wrongfully prevented or dissuaded from attending school after returning from detention, placement or jail,” she said at a New… [More]

Quinn Forced To Play Defense At Public Safety Debate

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Public safety was the topic for last night’s first televised debate between New York City’s Democratic candidates for mayor, meaning the candidates had plenty of material to hurl at the current Democratic frontrunner Christine Quinn. In the morning, Quinn gave a speech outlining her public safety agenda, and stated that she would not support a bill before the City Council that would prohibit racial profiling by the Police Department. During the debate, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio was the first to call out… [More]

Markey Believes Sex Abuse Bill Could Finally Get Traction

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Marge Markey For the past eight years Assemblywoman Margaret Markey has introduced legislation to expand the statute of limitations for victims of sex abuse. The bill, which would allow child sex abuse victims to file lawsuits against their abusers, has failed to gain traction previously, but Markey believes a number of high-profile abuse cases in the Catholic Church and the Hasidic community, and an increased lobbying effort, will sway her colleagues and Gov. Andrew Cuomo. “I really think the governor is open to it,” she said.… [More]

No Foolin’! New York Got A Third Straight On-Time Budget — So What’s In It?

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State Senators Jeff Klein and Dean Skelos (from left) joined Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver to announce a budget deal. (Source: Executive Chamber) They were furiously studying documents, debating the merits of what was on their desks for 20-hour periods last week while consuming a mix of coffee, donuts and vending machine snacks to keep them awake. Was it a group of SUNY Albany students cramming for their last round of midterms before spring break? Hardly. Legislators plowed through a flurry of budget bills during Holy Week, finishing debate in the wee hours of the morning to put a $135 billion budget that… [More]

Talking Points: What State Law Would You Change?

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If you could change any state law, what would it be? Steve Hawley, Republican assemblyman The SAFE Act, even though it’s one of the most recent laws—the way it was done, without public input, without public discourse and hearings; I could never support legislation that is done in the dead of night. Just the fact that I believe it violates the second amendment of the Constitution; I believe it goes against the very constituents that I represent, the vast majority of them. Any time you… [More]

Gun Owners Will Challenge Constitutionality of SAFE Act in Court

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Tom King (via State gun owners have been fuming over the New York SAFE Act since its passage in January, and now the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association and other plaintiffs will challenge the constitutionality of the gun regulations in a lawsuit they plan to file in state Supreme Court today. The association’s president, Tom King, would not comment about the details in the suit, but called the SAFE Act “feel-good legislation.” “Any anti-gun law is a method for the legislators to make… [More]

GOP Lawmakers, Gun Rights Activists Blast Gun Law In Albany

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Nearly 5,000 gun rights enthusiasts descended upon the State Capitol grounds on Thursday to call for an immediate repeal of a package of gun control laws the state Legislature passed last month. The rally attracted National Rifle Association members, hunters and sportsmen groups, law enforcement officials and others who brought signs that read “Cuomo is a Tyrant,” “Cuomo kiss my ar’s,” “Boycott the State Lottery,” and “Ted Nugent for President.” Republican legislators who addressed the crowd castigated Gov. Andrew Cuomo… [More]

Bloomberg Does A Victory Lap At State of the City Speech

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During his State of the City speech on Thursday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg provided ample evidence to disprove critics who said that his third term failed to live up to the promise of his previous two, and for good measure, he hung it from the ceiling of the lobby in the Barclays Center. The mayor’s office teased Bloomberg’s various third-term accomplishments in an email leading up to his speech, from the record low in homicides in 2012 to the record number… [More]

DA Hynes Pushes Prisoner Re-entry, Not Worried About Re-election

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Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes made the rounds on the floor of the Assembly on Tuesday promoting legislation that would expand his prisoner re-entry program. Hynes wants $1.5 million to make the program, which currently serves 1,000 individuals, available to 3,000, and legislators suggested expanding it beyond New York City. “We may try a regional approach, in Erie County, Onondaga County, and three other places and see how successful it is,” Hynes said. The DA is facing a spirited primary… [More]