Too Much Tinkering: Experts Say Constitutional Amendments Do Too Little

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New York voters will decide this November whether to approve six constitutional amendments, ranging from the legalization of casino gambling to two land swaps in the Adirondacks to raising the age limit for certain state judges. But for some experts and scholars, the New York Constitution needs a much more comprehensive overhaul—and it’s not too early to press for more far-reaching changes. “We have this constitution, and it’s not doing what it’s supposed to do,” said Chris Bopst, a partner… [More]

Last Look: Mike Long

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State Conservative Party Chair Mike Long discusses the New York City mayoral race and his opposition to the constitutional amendment to expand gambling in an interview with Morgan Pehme. Long said that Joe Lhota needs to raise money but more importantly stay on message by talking about growing jobs, improve schools, and make sure that safety of citizens continues. When asked about a potential de Blasio administration he said he was concerned about going back to the days of John… [More]

No Sure Bet: Four Casinos In The Cards—Or Are They?

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On July 30 Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the Upstate New York Gaming Economic Development Act into law. Should voters approve it by popular referendum in the November general election, four new full-scale casinos would be built, spread out over three parts of the state: the Catskills/ Hudson Valley, the Capital Region/ Saratoga and the Central-Southern Tier. New York City, the suburban counties directly north of the city and Long Island will remain off-limits to casino development for a period of… [More]

Heading Upstate: Driving Tourists Beyond New York City’s Borders

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A record 52 million tourists visited New York City last year, the latest milestone in a trend that was built on an aggressive promotion of the city’s global brand, especially in emerging markets like Brazil, India and China. Now Gov. Andrew Cuomo is encouraging these international visitors to check out upstate and Long Island too—even if his bid to build several “destination” casino resorts falls through. The governor announced $60 million in funding to promote tourism this year, including $30… [More]

Scorecard: Hospitality & Tourism

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The Players The State Gov. Andrew Cuomo has increasingly made tourism a priority of his administration, pitching expanded casino gambling to help the upstate economy, holding summits for the state’s yogurt, beer and wine industries and, earlier this year, setting aside more funding to attract visitors to the state. In March Gavin Landry joined Empire State Development as executive director of its tourism division, which oversees the “I Love New York” marketing campaign. Landry also coordinates with the governor’s Tourism… [More]

Casino Crunch: Could Upstate Casinos Live Up to the Hype?

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The state Legislature approved Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s controversial gambit to place nontribal gambling casinos in select upstate regions last month—but it remains an open question whether an expansion would live up to the governor’s vision of “destination resorts” that will dramatically boost the upstate economy. And while Cuomo has tirelessly promoted the plan as a way to create jobs and boost tourism upstate, the final say lies with the voters, who will decide whether to allow the proposal in a… [More]

On Last Look, Mayoral Candidates Talk Gambling, Best Mayor, Reason for Running

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This week we interviewed three mayoral candidates in our Last Look – Bill Thompson, Joe Lhota, and Adolfo Carrion. (Click on their names to watch the interviews.) It is still several months away, but there is a real possibility that these three men will be the final choices for voters in November. Bill Thompson is trailing Anthony Weiner and Christine Quinn in the most recent Democratic primary polls, but many political experts still feel that he stands a chance to… [More]

Gaming the System: A Q&A with James Featherstonhaugh

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As the finish line nears for passing legislation to legalize casino gambling in New York, the New York Gaming Association has raised several concerns about Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plan and the effect it would have on their members: the nine racetrack casinos already operating in the state. Among the complaints are that new casinos would have to pay a minimum of 25 percent in taxes to the state while the racinos must pay about two thirds of their revenue. In… [More]