911 in the Digital Age

Written by Adam Janos on . Posted in Technology

On March 13, 2011, a suspect under arrest for domestic violence shoved New York City Police Officer Alain Schaberger over a stoop in Brooklyn. Tumbling nine feet, Schaberger broke his neck and died. The perpetrator of the crime, George Villanueva, already had a record of 28 arrests. He had been to prison twice. Yet Schaberger had not been privy to any of that information while detaining Villanueva—all he had were the barebones basics of a 911 call. According to Charles… [More]


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This is not your parents’ government. Thanks to ongoing advances in technology, everything from campaigning to government operations to keeping constituents informed is not what it once was. At City & State’s RealPolitech forum last month, lawmakers, government officials and consultants delved into the interplay of government and technology, discussing efforts to battle increasingly sophisticated hackers, the possibilities for improving elections and campaigns, and the advantages of making government data easily accessible. In New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has… [More]

Poli-Tech: The digital tools politicos need to gain an edge in 2013

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A myriad of websites, apps and tools allow you to register to vote online, pressure your friends to get politically active, find your polling site and plan campaign events. And candidates can use these services to build their websites, raise money, identify their most fervid volunteers and track their progress up through Election Day.… [More]

Rep. Tonko Predicts Transition to Water-Based Economy

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At a City & State panel discussion yesterday, Rep. Paul Tonko, a former engineer and a member of the House Natural Resources Committee, said he was in favor of hydraulic fracturing as long as it did not compromise what he sees as the next frontier for clean and renewable energy—the state’s water supply. “I believe, like many, that we’re going to transition from an oil economy to a water-based economy,” Tonko said. “If that’s the case, if that happens in… [More]