R.I.P. @RepWeiner: Oct. 2009–May 2011

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Tweeting may have been what got Rep. Anthony Weiner in trouble. But tweeting was also something Weiner undeniably did well. While most elected officials rely on staff to tweet bland links to press releases or promotional reminders (example: “@RepSteveIsrael: Enjoyed today’s parade in North Amityville!”), Weiner was that rare politician who fully embraced the medium and all its pitfalls, using his feed to broadcast to over 70,000 followers his unique brand of loud, liberal snark, complete with hockey references and… [More]

Gas Houses

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A group of Tompkins County residents believe they have found a troubling new consequence of “hydrofracking” gas drilling in New York—not environmental but financial. Reading the fine print on residential mortgage and title insurance requirements, they found many New York properties have tight technical restrictions on the size and location of drilling structures. That means homeowners who lease their drilling rights to the oil and gas industry for hydrofracking may no longer be covered by their title insurance. They may… [More]

Reconciling Consumer Freedom And Network Limitations

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A recent chain of events has brought the issue of net neutrality to the forefront of the discussion on telecommunications regulation. The Federal Communications Commission’s regulatory ability was curtailed by a ruling of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals in Comcast v. FCC. The Court decided that the FCC had no jurisdiction to enforce their “broadband policy statement” on Comcast, which had been deliberately reducing the Internet speed of users who use peer-to-peer networks. In response, the FCC announced it… [More]