After Broadway Success, DOT Goes On The Road With Traffic Transformations

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In late November, Randy Wade, the director of pedestrian projects at the Department of Transportation, stood in a room at the Casita Maria cultural center in the South Bronx, briefing local activists on a plan to redesign a nearby intersection. She pored over maps, blueprints and aerial photos, reviewed principles of traffic calming and offered examples of what DOT calls “Thinking Big” projects: pedestrian plazas in Manhattan, bus lanes in the Bronx.… [More]

Gaveling In: Jimmy Vacca Takes Over Transportation

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At 13, Jimmy Vacca led a student campaign against the MTA. But the new Transportation Committee chair—who has quickly moved up the ranks, from the Seniors Centers Subcommittee to the Fire & Criminal Justices Committee to his new post all over the course of the last 18 months—comes into the job with other experience as well.… [More]

Counting On Consistent Turnout In Strong Districts, Yassky Looks To Make Up Ground

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As comptroller hopeful John Liu’s numbers began to dip below 39 percent on primary night, supporters of his chief rival, David Yassky, cheered.The results, splashed against the wall on a giant projection screen at the party, caught the campaign off-guard. Yassky’s team had been expecting Liu to come in second, and fall well below the 40 percent needed to win outright. One aide said he was “stunned.”… [More]

MTA Capital Plan Risks Derailment By Operational Costs

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Jay Walder, the incoming chair and CEO of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, has staked his job on his ability to expand and improve the region’s transit system by coming up with $10 billion for the MTA’s five-year capital plan and securing the agency’s long-term fiscal health.

“There is no possibility of success without that type of effort,” he said at a public confirmation hearing earlier this month. “My...… [More]

None Of $261 Million For City Transportation Stimulus Projects Has Yet Been Spent

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Before the recession, the St. George ferry terminal in Staten Island was booming. Ten thousand units of condominiums were rising. Manhattan transplants were flooding the real estate market.But over the past year, construction has halted. Economic activity in the area has followed suit.“There are nowhere near as many people around here as there used to be,” lamented Helen Albanese, a local restaurant owner.… [More]

Fare Hearing

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Since taking the reins of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) last year, Elliot "Lee" Sander has seen his already troubled agency take all sorts of hits. Already facing a budget gap of nearly $1 billion next year, the MTA has seen construction costs skyrocket, revenues from real estate holdings fluctuate and a crushing increase in ridership because of the soaring price of gas.

And then, of course, there was the Legislature's failure to pass a congestion pricing plan,...… [More]