Pat Foye Defends Port Authority Cops, Announces Central Terminal RFP

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Patrick Foye, the executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, defended the authority’s police officers today against criticism from a leading New York City mayoral candidate who called them “nothing more than mall cops.” In a City & State “Newsmakers” interview, Foye was asked about the lack of attention on the Port Authority in the New York City mayoral race. The interviewer suggested that the most attention that the Port Authority has received was Republican candidate… [More]

Up in the Air: Coalition Pushes for Improvements to Area’s Aging Airports

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Anyone who frequents New York City’s airports is familiar with the delays that plague them, which are consistently ranked among the worst in the nation. And while the causes are myriad, the sheer volume of flights crowding the runways and airways is putting the system’s aging infrastructure to the test. Newark, JFK and LaGuardia handle more passengers combined—109 million in 2012—than any other regional airport system in the country. Last year the number of flights approached the prerecession peak of… [More]

Expert Roundtable: Mass Transportation

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Patrick Foye Executive Director, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Q: What is your top priority right now as head of the Port Authority? PF: Under Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s direction, the Port Authority is focused on returning the agency to its core mission of building, operating and maintaining transportation infrastructure and serving as an economic engine and job creator for the region. We recently awarded two construction contracts, a $1.5 billion contract to build a new Goethals Bridge through… [More]

The Complete-Streets Election?

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Nicole Gelinas
(Illustration Credit: Lisanne Gagnon) Maybe the bike lobby is all-powerful. The last time New Yorkers elected a new mayor, in 2001, twenty-first-century transportation policy was on no one’s agenda, even before 9/11. The only thing that came close: then-city Comptroller Alan Hevesi’s proposal to give teachers free MetroCards. The Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, which closely follows the mayoral election, didn’t even ask potential voters what they thought about their daily travels. Things have changed a lot—so much that Transportation Alternatives, which advocates for cycling, walking and public transit, is on… [More]

Celebrity Deputies

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If we were making a movie about the next mayor’s administration, here’s who we would cast: Mayor Press Secretary Police Commissioner Alec Baldwin. He already thinks he’s your mayor anyway—and admit it, you secretly want him in City Hall. Allison Janney. If she could handle Aaron Sorkin she can handle David Seifman. Tom Selleck. This Blue Blood can stop and frisk us any day he wants. Senior Advisor First Deputy Mayor Economic Development Corporation President Bradley Whitford. We can’t do… [More]

All Aboard? LI Lawmakers Worry as MTA Eyes New Bronx Commuter Rail Stations

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The Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s plan to bring Metro-North trains to Penn Station in 2019, linking Connecticut, Westchester and four new above-ground stations in the East Bronx with Manhattan’s west side, has been gaining momentum over the past year. Informational sessions were held in the Bronx last fall, and the results of an environmental impact study are due later this year. The idea is a complement to the MTA’s East Side Access project, which will bring the Long Island Rail Road… [More]

The Next Administration: Who Will Serve New York City’s Next Mayor?

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A mayor is often only as good as the administration she or he selects. Over his three terms Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been generally acclaimed for the quality of his appointees—with some notable exceptions (e.g., Cathie Black, Stephen Goldsmith). Now, after nearly 12 years, New York City will have its first new mayor, who will in turn appoint a whole new team of deputies, commissioners and advisors to implement and elaborate his or her philosophical approach to governance. City &… [More]

Bloomberg Praises Klein For Speed Cameras

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Tuesday praised the passage of legislation to bring speed cameras to New York City, citing state Sen. Jeff Klein as the reason the legislation went through. “I think this will have a chilling effect,” Klein said at a press conference at P.S. 81 in the Bronx, a likely site for a camera. “I think people are going to think twice before they speed [near] a school, before they hit that accelerator when they know they’re going to get caught by a… [More]