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Real Politech: News, Technology, New York, Policy

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Real Politech GraphicCity & State’s #RealPolitech forum (a play on RealPolitik) will inform and encourage practical and material uses of technology in government, campaigns, media, and the industries that operate in and around these spaces. The day’s discussions will look to ground the sometimes ethereal concepts with active examples of current, existing applications and how they can be best utilized.

Joining us for this comprehensive, day-long forum will be a series of experts, public officials, media personalities and newsmakers for what promises to be a fascinating look into what’s new and what’s next in government, technology and media.

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Real Politech Speakers
Speaker Lineup
Real Politech Schedule
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Registration and Coffee
Opening remarks by Carole Post of New York Law School and City & State

Presentation from New York City’s Dept. of Education on the Use of Digital and Mobile Tech
City & State Managing Editor Jon Lentz moderates roundtable of the New York City Council Technology Committee
City & State editor Morgan Pehme interviews New York City DoITT Commissioner Rahul Merchant
Zachary Markovits from Pew Center on the States Presentation
Coffee Break
Con Edison’s Amber Sisson discusses emergency management efforts through social media.
Dissecting the 2012 General Election & Look Ahead To 2013

Moderators: Aaron Short and Morgan Pehme of City & State

Panel: Andrew Paryzer of Blue State Digital, Bradley Tusk of Tusk Strategies, John Brougher from NGP VAN
Coffee & Sandwiches / Working Lunch
Experts Discuss Data & Cyber Security

Moderator: Nick Powell, City & State

Panel:Daniel Srebnick from New York City’s DoITT, Melody Hildebrandt from Palantir Gotham and Dan Caprio of McKenna Long.
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  • david zelman


    why is it that you’re having the tech meeting on a weekday and during business hours don’t you realize that by doing it then you disenfranchise so many of us working people who would enjoy and possibly benefit by attending.


  • irv g


    david zelman is correct. you fools are doing these events during working hours. this is why your comany consistently gets slapped around by crains and others who know what the hell they’re doing. when your boss finally realizes that he WON’T be the next mayor of anything, will these events all of a sudden to cease to exist??


  • Fred Smith


    I’m at work and I’m live-streaming this. Come on you guys, get with the times. If you are going to pay attention to technology, you might as well actually use it from time to time.


  • Joly MacFie


    I’m confused by the comments below. When else do you hold a full day forum except during the day? For those of us who are busy, thankfully the NYLS webcast team will surely publish an archive,


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