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Building Affordable Housing Is One Thing, Finding the Space Is Another

Written by Matthew Hamilton on . Posted in News

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s goal is to add or preserve more than 200,000 affordable housing units amid the densely packed cityscape. But how he and the City Council will endeavor to achieve that ambitious aim is anyone’s guess. A panel of housing experts and politicians discussed the city’s housing plans—or at least ideas—at City & State’s 4th Annual State of Our City forum. While the panelists seemed to be in fundamental agreement with the mayor on his… [More]

Road To Municipal Labor Settlements Paved With Uncertainty

Written by Richard Steier on . Posted in Labor/Unions, Spotlight

There was a distinct edge to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s voice when he said during his budget presentation, “The previous administration was given an artificially high level of credit for management.” He was referring to the labor-contract mess he inherited when Michael Bloomberg left office after a third term in which he created a negotiating logjam. Following his 2009 re-election Bloomberg insisted that the city could not afford to honor a bargaining pattern he had set the previous two years, under… [More]

City & State TV: Sid Davidoff

Written by Michael Gareth Johnson on . Posted in Video

Veteran political strategist Sid Davidoff contrasts the de Blasio administration with those of Mayors Dinkins and Lindsay in an interview with Morgan Pehme. Davidoff served as an administrative assistant to Mayor John Lindsey and then as an advisor to Mayor David Dinkins. Comparing the current mayor to the two former ones, Davidoff thinks Mayor Bill de Blasio is much more like Lindsay. “I like to compare BdB more to John Lindsay, who came in as a progressive Republican fighting for… [More]

Process Servers Feeling the Heat of City Crackdown

Written by Kristen Meriwether on . Posted in News

For 29 years Maureen Mintzer and her husband have owned a small process serving agency in New York City. This month she must renew her license, a ritual she has performed every two years for almost three decades. But this year there is a little hesitation. It is not that Mintzer has grown tired of a business where chasing down citizens to serve them court documents is a normal occurrence. The problem is that the paperwork has become a killer.… [More]

Arbitration Could Throw A Wrench In City Labor Settlements

Written by Nick Powell on . Posted in Labor/Unions, Spotlight

Throughout his campaign and time in office Mayor Bill de Blasio has artfully dodged publicly negotiating New York City’s expired contracts with its municipal unions. All along the mayor has mostly stuck to the same talking point in discussing how he will approach settling the contracts—the first great test of his administration— referring to the billions of dollars that could wind up added to the city’s ledger for salary increases and back pay as “the great unknown.” Adding to this… [More]

To G Or Not To G

Written by Seth Barron on . Posted in Opinion

chirlane Chirlane McCray made her first official solo appearance as New York’s First Lady last month at an immigration forum sponsored by the Black Institute, an “action tank” run by longtime de Blasio friend and political ally Bertha Lewis. McCray’s talk was followed by the release of a Black Institute video spot featuring McCray and the ubiquitous de Blasio children, in which the three of them proudly announce themselves as “G,” a term that, according to the Black Institute’s “G Project”… [More]

City & State TV: Eric Adams Discusses LICH, Aqueduct Casino Bid and Shirley Huntley

Written by Michael Gareth Johnson on . Posted in Health Care, Video

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams discussed the agreement announced by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, SUNY Chairman Carl McCall and Mayor Bill de Blasio to open a bidding process that will encourage full-service healthcare at Long Island College Hospital, which is located only a few blocks away from Adams’ office at Borough Hall. Adams praised the deal that could keep the hospital running, characterizing the fight to keep LICH open as “an awesome battle,” but said that the conversation needs to move toward… [More]

Winners and Losers, February 14, 2014

Written by City & State on . Posted in Winners & Losers

Mayor Bill de Blasio loves to tell the “Tale of Two Cities.” But this week the narrative was a Tale of Two Leaders: It was the best of times for Gov. Andrew Cuomo, it was the worst of times for New York City’s new mayor. Cuomo had everything before him—strong poll numbers, support for his pre-K approach—while for de Blasio, it was the winter of discontent. And, as always, there were plenty of other tales of winners and losers to… [More]

Council Members Hail Promised End to “Budget Dance”

Written by Kristen Meriwether on . Posted in News

During his first preliminary budget announcement at City Hall on Wednesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio promised to put an end to the annual “budget dance.” The process had been a staple at City Hall for the last several years: former Mayor Michael Bloomberg would propose budget cuts, advocates would rally on the steps of City Hall, and soon enough the New York City Council would direct a chunk of its discretionary money to restore the funds. The restorations, however, were… [More]