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Can Albany Agree On How To Kill “Zombies”?

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In Manhattan there is an ever more expensive real estate battle over apartments and penthouses taking place in the clouds. But far below the skyline dwellings, in other parts of the state, there is an ongoing clash just to get someone to take ownership of properties worth millions of dollars less than those luxury condos. From Long Island to Buffalo to the North Country, homes foreclosed upon during the last recession sit without tenants. However, in many cases, the owners… [More]

Is Observer Piece Hitting Schneiderman Trump’s Revenge?

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Is Donald Trump about to make good on his threat to “get even” with Attorney General Eric Schneiderman? The New York Observer will publish a lengthy profile of Schneiderman tomorrow that sources say will serve as payback for the lawsuit the attorney general filed against Trump University. Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is the publisher of the Observer. “It’s been clear for months that Donald Trump ordered up a hit piece in his son-in-law’s newspaper to retaliate against Schneiderman for bringing a… [More]

The Difficulty Of Righting Wrongs

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Attorney General Eric Schneiderman recently proposed legislation that would remove obstacles that make it difficult for the wrongly convicted to obtain financial compensation from New York State. His proposal is admirable. But attention also needs to be paid to the difficulty of getting wrongful convictions righted, not just financially compensated. Twenty years ago, as an assistant United States attorney, I was part of a team of police officers and prosecutors who listened as a gang member admitted to his role… [More]

Winners and Losers, February 7, 2014

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It’s been a super week. It kicked off with the Super Bowl here in New York (sort of). On the same day, Staten Island Chuck took a super leap from the arms of the New Yok City Mayor Bill de Blasio. The groundhog was unharmed and saw his shadow, so we are getting six more weeks of winter—just didn’t expect those six weeks to get packed into one filled with a series of super snowstorms leaving the whole state with… [More]

Winners and Losers, November 22, 2013

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  The time of year approaches when we reflect on that for which we are thankful. Bill de Blasio is thankful that he can now be selective about holding public events. Andrew Cuomo is thankful he’s seeing declining poll numbers in November 2013 and not October 2014. The New York City Council speaker hopefuls are thanking their Council colleagues, labor unions, county leaders and any other power brokers that can bolster their candidacy. And in the small upstate town of… [More]

First Read – November 7, 2013

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WEATHER: Bring an umbrella, rain across the state. New York City, high 60; Albany, high 57; Buffalo, high 45.   ROCKAWAY’S NEGLECTED BOARDWALK: One of the most demoralizing aspects of the Sandy recovery in Rockaway is the city’s failure to rebuild the boardwalk, a critical feature of the neighborhood, writes Brendan Brosh:   A DANGEROUS INTERSECTION OF LAW AND EDUCATION: With New Yorkers embroiled in multiple education battles, Susan Arbetter lays out three legal showdowns that could have serious consequences:   BREAKING… [More]

First Read – October 30, 2013

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WEATHER: Mostly cloudy; a chance of rain and snow in the Capital region. New York City, high 60; Albany, high 54; Buffalo, high 58.   ANONYMITY REVEALED: Exhibit A in the Moreland Commission’s criticism of the State Board of Elections’ policy of refusing to accept complaints submitted anonymously, was a case that sounded particularly well substantiated. In the hearing, the Commission kept the names involved confidential; City & State reveals them:   CASINO WAGE DEAL A STATE MODEL? In a video interview,… [More]

First Read – October 29, 2013

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WEATHER: A mix of sun and clouds. New York City, high 53; Albany, high 47; Buffalo, high 49.   CLIMATE CHANGE AND INCONVENIENT POLITICAL TRUTHS: City & State columnist Bruce Gyory argues that climate change could become a fundamental factor realigning American politics:   THE NEXT SUFFRAGE MOVEMENT: Possibly the most radical change in the history of the American franchise since women got the vote in 1920 is likely to be enacted in New York City next year, yet it has gone… [More]

First Read – October 28, 2013

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WEATHER: Mostly sunny; a chance of rain in Buffalo. New York City, high 61; Albany, high 50; Buffalo, high 48.  INSTANT RUNOFF VOTING: City & State columnist Michael Benjamin writes that instant runoff voting could be a solution to holding costly runoff elections, such as the recent runoff for public advocate of New York City:   NEW THIS MORNING: * A Siena College/New York Times poll finds that Democratic mayoral nominee Bill de Blasio is poised to defeat his Republican opponent… [More]