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Can Albany Agree On How To Kill “Zombies”?

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In Manhattan there is an ever more expensive real estate battle over apartments and penthouses taking place in the clouds. But far below the skyline dwellings, in other parts of the state, there is an ongoing clash just to get someone to take ownership of properties worth millions of dollars less than those luxury condos. From Long Island to Buffalo to the North Country, homes foreclosed upon during the last recession sit without tenants. However, in many cases, the owners… [More]

City & State TV: Mickey Kearns

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Buffalo-area Assemblyman Mickey Kearns discusses the culture of sexual harassment in the chamber, his push to pass two foreclosure bills this session and the chances for the Buffalo Bills next year in an interview with Matthew Hamilton: Kearns left the Assembly Democratic Conference in May 2013, saying he wouldn’t return until Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was replaced. Roughly eight months later, the Assembly has again been wrapped up in scandal, including more of the sexual harassment allegations that initially prompted… [More]

Issa Hearing A Double-Edged Sword For Ed Towns

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At a congressional field hearing today at Brooklyn Borough Hall, Congressman Ed Towns grilled top ranking officials from of a handful of the country’s biggest mortgage lenders, eliciting loud applause and laughter from the packed hearing room. Yet Towns himself was also subject to heavy scrutiny before the hearing, for inviting the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, chaired by controversial Republican Congressman Darrel Issa, to come to the five boroughs in the first place. It was a morning full… [More]

Ed Towns: Issa’s Foreclosure Hearing in Brooklyn Shows Why Seniority Matters

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Earlier this week, we were a bit shocked to get a press release  stating that California Congressman Darrel Issa would be coming to Brooklyn next Monday to hold an oversight hearing on the foreclosure crisis. After all, Issa, chair of the powerful House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, is one of the more staunchly partisan (and controversial) members of the Congressional Republican conference – and Brooklyn is certainly unfriendly territory. But Brooklyn Democratic Congressman Ed Towns, a member of that… [More]

Around New York

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The best items from the City & State First Read morning email City & State First Read delivers every day’s headlines, schedules, birthdays and “Heard Around Town” news nuggets like these into your inbox before 7 a.m. Not getting City & State First Read? Sign up free at… [More]

Heard Around Town, Feb. 16, 2012

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* A top Assembly Democrat mocked Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s anti-foreclosure efforts in a radio interview yesterday, arguing that a van sent by the new Department of Financial Services to distribute information about loan modifications would do little to stem the tide of home foreclosures in the state. “The governor said he was establishing a unit to deal with foreclosure, but all that I’ve seen from that unit has been a van,” Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein, who chairs the Judiciary Committee, said in an… [More]

Schneiderman Cheers Mortgage Settlement As A Win For New York

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New York will receive the fifth largest payout in the nation as a result of the $25 billion mortgage settlement deal that was just announced between government authorities and the major U.S. banks, according to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. The state will receive $136 million in direct settlement cash, which amounts to about $1,154 per “underwater” borrower, Schneiderman says. In the total, HUD estimates that New York will receive $790 million as a result of the settlement, with the majority… [More]

Settling Schneiderman

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President Barack Obama has proven willing to do something Gov. Andrew Cuomo has so far been reluctant to do: give Attorney General Eric Schneiderman more investigatory powers. The president recently tapped Schneiderman to co-chair a new joint mortgage-fraud investigation unit, giving him access to more resources and more ground troops to go after fraud and abuse on Wall Street. The move came as a shock to many, considering Schneiderman has been one of the most vocal critics of the White… [More]

Winners & Losers, Jan. 13 Edition

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Anybody expecting Mayor Michael Bloomberg to punch back at Gov. Andrew Cuomo in his State of the City address yesterday doesn’t know the mayor. He’s a businessman who just wants to get things done, not get into public fights … oh, right. Never mind. But at least that sets up this week’s Winners & Losers! And, oh no! All three men in the room? SMH. We’ve lost our touch. Andrew Cuomo – The governor’s shots against Bloomberg a week ago… [More]