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Road To Municipal Labor Settlements Paved With Uncertainty

Written by Richard Steier on . Posted in Labor/Unions, Spotlight

There was a distinct edge to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s voice when he said during his budget presentation, “The previous administration was given an artificially high level of credit for management.” He was referring to the labor-contract mess he inherited when Michael Bloomberg left office after a third term in which he created a negotiating logjam. Following his 2009 re-election Bloomberg insisted that the city could not afford to honor a bargaining pattern he had set the previous two years, under… [More]

Arbitration Could Throw A Wrench In City Labor Settlements

Written by Nick Powell on . Posted in Labor/Unions, Spotlight

Throughout his campaign and time in office Mayor Bill de Blasio has artfully dodged publicly negotiating New York City’s expired contracts with its municipal unions. All along the mayor has mostly stuck to the same talking point in discussing how he will approach settling the contracts—the first great test of his administration— referring to the billions of dollars that could wind up added to the city’s ledger for salary increases and back pay as “the great unknown.” Adding to this… [More]

Setting the Agenda: Health Care

Written by Wilder Fleming on . Posted in Health Care, News

So far 2013 has been a year of transition for much of New York’s healthcare system, with the action centered on the enactment and implementation of laws and policies from previous years. Officials are scrambling to promote the state’s new health-insurance market, which is slated to open on Oct. 1, Meanwhile, the implementation of a 2012 bill aimed at curbing the abuse of prescription opioids, the so-called “I-STOP” legislation, was set to go into effect by the end of August.… [More]

Winners and Losers, March 29, 2013

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  One contestant is a surly 46-year-old speaker who refused to give member items out of spite but just agreed to pass paid sick leave. Another is an embattled 77-year-old district attorney who is starring in his own reality show but has trouble training his prosecutors to follow the law. And a third is a back-stabbing 55-year-old newsman who earned America’s ire for forcing a rival out of her job, thus causing his ratings to drop like an anchor. Who’s… [More]

Health and Medicaid Issue Scorecard

Written by Laura Nahmias on . Posted in Health Care, News

KEY PLAYERS GOVERNMENT In his first year in office, Gov. Andrew Cuomo appointed three health officials with broad authority to implement his sweeping health-policy vision: Health Commissioner Dr. Nirav Shah, Medicaid Director Jason Helgerson and Deputy Secretary for Health Jim Introne. Cuomo invested Shah with unilateral authority to make cuts where organizations fail, and Helgerson has been charged with coalition-building for cost-cutting ideas in the state’s Medicaid program. Introne serves as a vocal defender of Cuomo’s policies. Assembly Health Committee… [More]