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Road To Municipal Labor Settlements Paved With Uncertainty

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There was a distinct edge to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s voice when he said during his budget presentation, “The previous administration was given an artificially high level of credit for management.” He was referring to the labor-contract mess he inherited when Michael Bloomberg left office after a third term in which he created a negotiating logjam. Following his 2009 re-election Bloomberg insisted that the city could not afford to honor a bargaining pattern he had set the previous two years, under… [More]

Arbitration Could Throw A Wrench In City Labor Settlements

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Throughout his campaign and time in office Mayor Bill de Blasio has artfully dodged publicly negotiating New York City’s expired contracts with its municipal unions. All along the mayor has mostly stuck to the same talking point in discussing how he will approach settling the contracts—the first great test of his administration— referring to the billions of dollars that could wind up added to the city’s ledger for salary increases and back pay as “the great unknown.” Adding to this… [More]

Winners and Losers, October 4, 2013

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  Have the Republicans in Congress gone off the rails? Are the Democrats unreasonably refusing to compromise? Is it all President Obama’s fault? The government shutdown this week yielded so many winners and losers—or maybe they’re all losers—we’ve left them out of our rundown of victors and the vanquished. After all, who really pays the price for Washington’s fiscal insanity? You, us and 317 million other Americans. Can’t get enough of our Winners and Losers? Tune in to the “The… [More]

Winners and Losers, September 13, 2013

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  Nothing embodies the spirit of Winners and Losers more than a competitive primary election. Beginning at 6 a.m. on Tuesday, everyone was on an even playing field, rhetoric and prognosticating be damned. Alas, New York voters did not hold up their end, as a disengaged electorate took their apathy to new extremes with pathetically low turnout. However, when the polls closed, a batch of Democrats and Republicans emerged for the final stretch run of what has been a grueling,… [More]

On Staten Island Voters Divided, Except on Spitzer

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Sparse foot traffic and a decidedly older voting demographic marked the early hours of primary day at polling stations in Tottenville, Staten Island. With the gloomy, muggy weather casting a lethargic malaise across this sleepy town and perhaps contributing to the low morning turnout, workers at the polling sites were optimistic that more voters will cast their ballots once people come home from work. “I thought there would be more earlier, but we’re starting to get some more people now,”… [More]

Money Man

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Photos by Filip Wolak Brooklyn’s native son has come home. A horde of supporters surround Bill Thompson as he wends his way through the masses at the borough’s West Indian American Day parade. The festivity is an enduring Brooklyn tradition marking the unofficial end of summer, and Thompson, like every mayoral candidate, wouldn’t be anywhere else. Sweaty brow and all, he carries a miniature flag of St. Kitts, home country of his grandparents, and works the rope lines on both… [More]

Scorecard: Organized Labor

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The Players The Unions Organized labor unions continue to play a big role in New York’s political world. Among the key private unions are 32BJ SEIU, 1199 SEIU, the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union and the Hotel and Motel Trades Council. All four unions play a big role in moving legislation and influencing policy, and are expected to have a meaningful impact in the coming citywide election, with 32BJ, RWDSU and HTC endorsing Christine Quinn for mayor. 1199, the… [More]

Shifting Allegiances: Union Endorsements in the New York City Mayor’s Race

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Much of the debate around the power of labor endorsements in the 2013 mayoral race centers around whether a given union can play a significant role in delivering the election to a candidate. While some labor leaders make much of their ability to play “kingmaker” in election years, there is no definitive metric that can substantiate these claims. What is clear is that unions are a valuable supplement to practically any campaign. They can spend large sums of money on… [More]

Money Man (page 2)

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Page 2 of 2 — First Page By 2001 Thompson was ready for a change—and a larger spotlight. He used the bully pulpit of the school board to run for comptroller, in the city’s most wide-open election in a generation. Once elected, he spent the first few months in office working with Bloomberg to convince the city’s financial sector not to take flight and to continue to invest in New York City after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. “He and… [More]