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“We are all born for love. It is the principal of existence, and its only end,” observed the late Prime Minister of England Benjamin Disraeli. With that sentiment in mind, City & State is taking a break this issue from our usual focus on power and policy to concentrate on something more important: love.

And what better way to focus on this subject than to try to help forge romantic bonds between those for whom we have the utmost affection: our readers?

Thus, in the following pages we introduce you to bachelors and bachelorettes from the world of New York politics looking to find that special someone who will bring them happiness and companionship. It should be noted that this is not one of those tired lists of “most” eligible singles, which are little more than gossipy beauty pageants of dubious substance. The brave souls who appear in this feature in print and in the expanded online version at good-naturedly agreed to participate with the understanding that our intentions in asking them to do so were pure.

All of these bachelors and bachelorettes were nominated by someone who knows them and thought they would benefit from our assistance as matchmakers. While we have aimed to be as inclusive as possible in terms of our participants’ diversity and their political and sexual orientations, our list is a reflection of those with the courage to say “yes” when they received our call.

In order to submit yourself as a possible match for any of our bachelors or bachelorettes who appear either in print or online, email what you would like to share with the man or woman who intrigues you to and include his or her name in the subject line.

Please do not be presumptuous and attempt to contact these singles on your own accord. We promise that we will forward all appropriate correspondence to the intended recipient. As always, we wish you all the best—and with a little bit of luck, City & State hopes we help you find love.





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