Zebrowski Introduces Bill To Eliminate Used Car Insurance Photos

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Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski

Ever wonder whether your used car might be stolen? It might be a little more difficult to find out if a bill passes the legislature this week.

Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski proposed a bill to remove the mandate on insurance companies to require insurers to get a photo taken of their used car within 12 days of obtaining insurance. Assembly Insurance Chairman Kevin Cahill said that insurance companies told him they didn’t need the requirement and that brokers and agents said it was a “detriment to consumers.”

“I believe that if insurance companies believe it to be necessary to prevent fraud, and they’re the ones suffering the loss from the fraud, they will require it of their insurers, but we’re telling them they don’t have to if they don’t think it’s necessary,” he said.

But some law enforcement leaders worry the bill would remove an important regulation.

“New York used to have a skyrocketing auto theft program, but mandatory inspections helped bring auto theft rates down, said Peter Kontos, a former head of the New York State Police Auto Theft and Frauds Unit. “By passing this legislation, our elected officials would be bringing us back to the ‘bad old days.’”

The bill passed the Insurance Committee last week and has been referred to the Rules Committee.

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